Down Under

Yes, they really are this cute!

Forget culture shock. How about temperature shock? Straight from a freezing cold Paris to the heat of Melbourne’s waning summer. A brief stay in Australia to participate in two family weddings did not leave much time for art. However, I did get to see (not once, but twice) the brilliant Ron Mueck exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in the heart of Melbourne. Mueck plays with our minds and our senses by pairing realism with exaggerated scale in his hyperrealist sculptures. A lot to see and a lot to think about.

Woman in Bed sculpture
Ruth and I in 30 years. Hard to distinguish which are the sculptures!

All good things come to an end…

My time in Paris is up. But the work I did, the friends I made, the culture I inhaled, the memories and the experiences I lived,  will all come away with me. What was clear to me on the eve of my departure was that Paris still feels like a home away from home and I intend to come home again soon.

I am very pleased to be able to share an article published in Bonjour Paris in which I write about the artistic project I was working on in Paris. Over the coming months I plan to expand this work  though at this early stage I am not sure exactly what direction this will take. Time will tell.

Detail of my painting