Out the gate and going at a gallop…

Most artists I know are incredibly busy people. We don’t really have a choice. In order to keep our heads above water we need to enter shows, write statements, send press releases, keep our blogs and websites up to date, court potential collectors, network, answer endless emails, attend gallery openings, prepare artworks for shipping, and – I almost forgot – keep producing art! To relieve some of the stress I tend to doodle mindlessly, and some of these doodles on wood have turned into tiny (2.5″ x 5″) little jewels thanks to a combination of pen and ink, acrylic wash and collage (see two examples above and below).  I have fallen in love with the look of resin-coated work and have covered these small works with a gorgeous thick layer of resin. A good demo link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRZL2PyJkbA.

With all these demands, deadlines and distracting doodles, its important to keep one’s sense of humor. A substantial part of my work does have a wry humorous edge to it. Take for example my plate set entitled ‘Eat Well, Exercise Regularly, Die Anyway’ (see detail below). It was inspired by a random email of witty jokes and riddles and was eventually transformed into an installation with two place settings. It has now been included in an upcoming coffee table book called HUMOR IN CRAFT which can be pre-ordered on Amazon now.

Speaking of a very different book, I am beyond thrilled that my essay ‘I AM WOMAN’ has been published in a French anthology entitled ‘Dans le ventre des femmes’, hard to translate – think about the expression ‘In the belly of the beast’ but replace ‘beast’ with ‘woman’. The anthology was the brainchild of Parisian author and poet Maia Brami, who persuaded fifty writers and artists (myself included) to contribute their personal views on the uterus. My text and included image were based on my amazing experience in Paris in 2010. For French speakers, the book is now available directly from the publisher’s website http://www.bscpublishing.com/index.php/notre-boutique-en-ligne. I am particularly honored to be part of this project because the introduction was penned by no other than Eve Ensler, creator of the Vagina Monologues a ground breaking production which caused a cultural tsunami in its time.

Seeing as I am on the subject of women’s intimate attributes, I recently completed a painting along those lines entitled ‘Gatekeeper’ (see below) which was a companion piece to Back View  currently on show at the international exhibit Au Naturel : The Nude in the 21st century.

Our fascination with the human body and its ramifications in contemporary art and art history is the focus of a wonderfully erudite online publication called The Great Nude. I am the publication’s roving features writer and would love to share my recent article on nude art on the Israeli art scene entitled ‘The Holy Land laid bare’. For my readers, this new winter edition is FREE if you log in with the Username : Lilianne and Password : Milgrom. There’s tons of great content and well worth a visit to the site.

I am also hard at work on my solo exhibition later this year called ‘Chez mes amis’, a series of paintings based on my friends in Paris, and the objects that surround them and define them. Here is a preview glimpse at a still life which is part of the Chez Magdalena grouping:

With all this pressure is it any wonder I have just applied for an artist residency in a little village in France? The thought of being sent off to indulge in the luxury of creation, without any distractions and in the company of other kindred spirits is very appealing. Artist residencies are highly recommended not only for one’s creative development, but also works as a big plus on one’s bio. Another great resource for all types of residencies and grants is http://www.miraslist.com/. Keeping my fingers crossed – I will be notified in the coming weeks.

For any purchase information please contact me at liliannemilgrom@gmail.com.