New website launched!!

I have an embarrassing confession: It has been about three years since I last updated my old website. However, it was not for lack of trying. I have since met scores of artists and other creatives who have lit up with joy upon hearing that they are not the only ones finding it impossible to upload images, update news and generally manage their own site without an intermediary.

So it is with great fanfare, relief and a huge sense of empowerment that I present my brand new website designed and created by moi!!

new website

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to find a designer (that story is worthy of a whole blog post in itself), I decided that enough was enough: I CAN DO THIS. Research revealed that one of the website creation sites recommended by artists was  I took their webinars and tutorials, parked myself in front of my computer, and lo and behold, after a tedious, frustrating, and exhausting month’s work, I am proud to launch !

It is exhilarating to be self-reliant, and to have created a website that truly  represents my work, and one which I can easily update, add to or change at the drop of a hat. Please check me out and let me know if there are any tweaks that need fixing.

And remember, if I can do this, anyone can do it!

website gallery page screenshot