Studio Visit Magazine

Umbilicus Americanus II
Umbilicus Americanus II

Volume six of Studio Visit publication just came out. It is a publication featuring a juried selection of international visual artists, published by The Open Studios Press. This volume features two of my paintings (see image). The magazine is distributed to 1500 galleries and museums and is also available to the public (though I have no idea where they are for sale!)

Video completed!!

Yesterday, I finished editing my latest video If the Shoe Fits…Buy It with my editor Ishu Krishna. It was a marathon day but I am very happy with the results – at least for the moment! I know from experience there will be several moments of doubt and anxiety…

 When I finally viewed it in its entirety, I was surprised by the realization that it had the distinct feel of MTV music video, starring yours truly! My finished artwork surprises me yet again!!

Student critiques at MICA College

This past Monday, I was invited to be a visiting artist at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) in Baltimore. My task for the day was to give individual critiques on student work (a mix of Juniors and Seniors).  It was a wonderful experience – what impressed me was the level of dedication, serious thought, and of course, talent. Just as no two individuals are the same, so it follows that no two artists express themselves in the same way. I saw beautiful charcoal drawings, accomplished paintings and a very interesting performance/installation piece. It is always a pleasure to talk art to others who are as passionate about the subject as I am!