Sketchbook exhibition at MOCA

On March 3 I attended the exhibition opening of the Sketchbook Project at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgetown, Washington DC. This  unique traveling show was mastermindedmy bookmoca opening by the guys at Art House in Atlanta. My sketchbook ‘2 Days in New York City’ was part of the exhibition (see image) and it took me a while to find it among the hundreds of wonderful artist books. I sketched the book while visiting my daughter Bianca who lives in NY. The show will be be visiting Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia to name a few venues. It was a fun night.

Comedy of Errors

Began editing a new video to accompany my installation for the Fuller Craft Museum’s upcoming May exhibition The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories. The raw footage was shot by videographer Abby Sternberg, and I am editing with Ishu Krishna. To begin the day, I did not have the footage in the correct format to digitize and begin editing, so had to beg my husband to spend his Saturday morning transporting  the mini DV’s over to the editing lab. Then the hardware playing the DV refused to eject it and we are still not sure whether half my film footage has been eaten by the dreaded machine till the engineer takes a stab at it. Lastly, when we were finally set to try to work on the footage that was uploaded, after having moved to a new editing lab, the Final Cut Pro software kept shutting down on itself! Let’s hope this is not going to be typical of the video’s progression….!

“Double Vision” Opening

Last night was the opening reception of Double Vision, at Luke & Eloy Gallery featuring fourteen multi-disciplinary artists including myself! silence-please-stillYou can pan the various works in the exhibition, including my ceramic book and video (still image on left) thanks to gallerist/curator Brigitte Martin. Just take note that the sound of maddening laughter is the audio part of an artwork, not a member of the public laughing at the art! This show underscores the multidisciplinary direction taken by many contemporary artists today. I myself found a richer, more expressive palette when I stopped trying to box myself into a particular artistic category. CHECK OUT THE REVIEW IN THE PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE !