Riddle of the day: How can you be up when you’re down?

Another trip to Melbourne, Australia just reinforced how exciting, cultured and cosmopolitan the city has become. And obviously the word is out because my sources tell me that 2000 people move to Melbourne every week. With the city so much in demand there seems little prospect  that the cost of living will drop anytime soon – I believe it is currently rated as the third most expensive city in the world!

I went to check out the the National Gallery of Victoria and was met by a giant rabbit. Sigh…the contemporary art world pulls the wool over our eyes once again. At least it should have been a kangaroo! The gallery was

National Gallery of Victoria

holding some impressive exhibitions, my favorite being The Naked Face, a collection of self-portraits taking us on a  ‘journey through the history of the human face.’ I attended a fascinating symposium on the subject which featured presentations by participating artists, and a range of lectures by professors in multi-disciplinary fields. Recognize the portrait below…??

In the picture....

I also visited a drawing session with a live model in my role as feature columnist for The Great Nude.tv. It has been quite a while since I drew from the model and it was an uplifting experience. Note to self: more of the same!

Drawing session in progress

                                    But it wasn’t all art, art, art. I also checked out the local food markets, hung out at a street festival, biked along the beach, had the best coffee in the Southern Hemisphere and did yoga with my niece and nephew!

                Answer to the riddle : When you’re Down Under 🙂