Art as Revolution

One Million Bones (1)

It is one thing to talk about one million bones, and quite another to actually see one million bones, even if they are made of porcelain, glass or other materials. The one million bones laid out in front of Washington DC’s Capitol Building on June 8th and 9th was a powerful, disturbing and once-in-a-lifetime sight.

One Million Bones (2)

One Million Bones (8)

This installation was created to draw the public’s attention to mass atrocities and to honor those lost to genocides in Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma and Somalia. “Each bone is a striking symbol of our common humanity; each bone represents a call to action, a story, a voice.”

Thousands of volunteers have been working for three years to complete the vision of the project’s creator, Albuquerque-based Naomi Natale, pictured below, an artist specializing in large-scale installation and social-practice art. The bones were made by thousands of students, educators, and artists. Looking at one bone may make you feel a little queasy, but one million bones are downright chilling.

One million bones Naomi

With the support of multiple organizations and the dedication of an army of volunteers, The Art of Revolution was able to pull off this massive installation. A good many ceramic bones were fired gratis by Creative Clay Studios, which also happens to be where I do my own clay work. Thanks, Ed – you did good.

One Million Bones (5)