When all Hell breaks loose…

So what do you do when all Hell breaks loose and your house is in the path of the ‘perfect storm’ in the guise of Hurricane Sandy ? Make Art of course!

As Sandy was dumping inches of rain on us and battering the house with some awesome winds, we were sitting around glued to the weather channel taking bets about when we would lose power. Taking advantage of captive models, I grabbed some gouache tubes from the studio and began a very quick color study of my son sitting on the couch. No underdrawing and only 5 colors on my palette, as I was convinced that time was running out. The result was mediocre at best, but it felt good to be using my hands.

Lights were still on and so I went to my studio with the small color sketch and rather than toss it, I decided to fool around with it.  I don’t do that often enough. I am usually too concerned with completing a piece for a show, or too invested in a new work to dare ruin it. I didn’t care about this piece, and it felt so liberating to play! I experimented with different background colors, and started cutting the gessoed paper into strips and voilà!

I quite like the finished product and it somehow reflects the crazy uncertainty of being in the eye of the storm (any feedback welcome). I also got to distract myself from the repetitive, stressful newscasts and before I knew it, the storm was passing and blessedly, the lights stayed on. For those of you out there who still don’t have power or even water, I’ve been there before and it ain’t no fun. Take care, be safe.