Off to Romania by the seat of my pants!

Lock, stock and barrel (detail) (1) - Copy

Who would have thought that a seemingly innocent pair of underpants could snowball into an exciting artistic opportunity? Well, admittedly, I did make them out of porcelain and yes, I did go further with this work to make a statement about the frightening increase of legislation in the US dictating what a woman can and cannot decide about her own body. It infuriates me. The finished work (below) incorporates a rusted lock (found in Mexico) all too reminiscent of the days of chastity belts…

casting a shadow (5)

This is one of two works that were selected by a very prestigious panel of judges to be exhibited at the International Ceramic Biennale in Cluj, Romania:

Unfortunately I had to withdraw my second work selected, an installation entitled If the Shoe Fits…Buy It  because of the punishing shipping costs 😦

If the shoe fits installation view

Thanks to some frequent flyer points, I will be attending the Museum’s grand opening on October 9th, as well as being an invited speaker during the three-day symposium following the Biennale’s opening. This is a very exciting opportunity; I intend to present a lecture entitled ‘The Balance of Concept and Aesthetics in Narrative Ceramic Installation’.

Cluj Napoca Romania

Cluj being the capital of Transylvania (!) I am sure I will come back with some great pix to share.