Floral Wonderland

I love flowers. They make me stop in my tracks to admire their beauty and when they grace my table, they lift my spirits. But I have never really thought of them as a creative medium for telling a story, nor as having the ability to mimic great works of art. The current, short-lived exhibition Fine Arts & Flowers at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts changed all that.

In this 13th Biennial of its kind, the museum presents spectacular floral interpretations of works from its permanent collection. The exhibition has a twofold benefit – the floral accents scattered about the museum add a touch of magic to the museum experience, but they also provide a unique way of appreciating the works of art themselves. It makes one stop and really look at the painting, sculpture or artefact. There were many glorious and innovative pairings and I’d like to share some of my favorites here.

Aren’t these Birds of Paradise the perfect match for the spikey treatment of horse and rider in Jacques Villon’s Horseback Riding, Chantilly, 1950?
Look at the way the flowers copy the gesture and color of the central path in Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Taunus Road.
Not only are the colors and shape of the bouquet in line with Queen Anne of Denmark’s portrait, but the stunning rose arrangement really look like bosoms about to explode out of a cinched bodice!
This is one of my favorites. Did you recognize Picasso’s Jester on Horseback? What I particularly like in this bouquet is the driftwood that matches the sensitive color of the horse. By adding greenery in the bouquet, the flower arranger added the background scenery absent in Picasso’s painting.
Monet’s Irises by the Pond. See a close-up of the exuberant floral arrangement below.
Look at the clever color match of the lapis dragon and the flower and paper arrangement below.

I could go on and on but you get the idea. I will leave you with a few additional images, and I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

The Virginia Museum of Fine Art is a true gem with a surprisingly robust collection. I feel uplifted by the Fine Arts & Flowers show (OCTOBER 20, 2021 – OCTOBER 24, 2021).

Before signing off, I’m thrilled to share the new cover from the second edition of my award-winning novel L’Origine and the launch of my author website!!