Change of scenery

I thought I’d share some behind-the-scenes evolution of works created during my week on the Caribbean island of Aruba. I’m not a fan of winter, so the warm temperatures, sea breezes and swaying palm trees were a balm for the soul. I usually travel with some basic art materials for when the muse strikes and people lying on beaches make for great quick sketching subjects.

For this trip, I packed a bunch of different painting materials in my suitcase hoping to loosen up and try something new. One of the inspirations was artist and master motivator Nicholas Winton who teaches artists to let go of fear – throw your paint at the canvas and if you don’t like it, guess what? Paint over it in globs of color and add random marks and scribbles until you like what you see! What a concept! Taking his example to heart, my first piece was looser but still tentative:

Mixed media on tea sachet packaging

Over the next few days, I threw caution to the wind and introduced finger painting, cardboard stencils, found paper, crayons and charcoal to my acrylic paintings. Here are some of the results:

I’ve been heartened by the response. Please contact me if you’re interested in seeing the works still available for purchase. I loved creating these – so liberating!! I’m itching to continue on this journey but I sense that I may need to go back to find some of that island magic…!

I’d also like to share an article that was just published in France Magazine describing my unique experience recovering from COVID during an artist residency at a gorgeous French chateau last summer. I’m happy to say that all’s well that ends well!

You can read the full article HERE. Take care xxx