Going viral

Covid 19
CDC’s illustrated image of COVID-19

Artists dream about their work going viral on Instagram or Youtube. If the corona virus COVID-19 weren’t so deadly serious, one could almost be jealous of the speed with which this organism – too small to be seen by the naked eye – ripped around the world, and in a matter of months became known to billions of people.

Soon everyone will be affected in one way or another. It has already impacted my own little universe – two upcoming exhibitions postponed and a decision to decline the offer of a new residency opportunity at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. A recent article tapped artists as being more insulated from risk due to the solitary nature of art making. However, some of my artist friends have had to shutter their studios to the public, and art galleries have shut their doors. Art fairs have closed and museums have gone dark.  

But artists don’t stop being artists just because they can’t go anywhere, right? And it’s important to try to keep one’s sense of humor.

Covid nails


I myself am keeping busy tinkering with a bag of air dry clay that has been sitting around the studio for at least two years. Air dry clay is not fired in a kiln and therefore is far more fragile and porous when dry than clay that goes through the firing and glazing process. But it is still malleable and is the perfect material for me to work on perfecting facial structure and expression.

Air Clay

For those of you going a bit stir crazy at home and in need of some art to get your minds off the terrifying graphs and numbers, here are some links to my favorite virtual tours of museums :

-The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has an exciting  virtual tour and you can literally get lost in the Louvre’s virtual tours even sitting on your couch.

More suggestions here.

Please, please, stay safe and hopefully we’ll come out the other end in one piece. Drop me a line and let me know the creative ways in which you are all passing the time at home. 

2 thoughts on “Going viral

  1. Jennie March 18, 2020 / 6:45 am

    Your clay face is full of personality – solid, calm, confident and grounded! I love it!

    I will have to teach my 6 to 9 year old Montessori class online as of next week. I am going to look at Pierre Bonnard’s domestic interiors with them since they are stuck inside.He didn’t get out and about that much with Marthe either! We will scramble around our houses and find table cloth, plate, cup and saucer, etc and form a still-life interior by moving around the objects until satisfied, then photograph it and slowly build up a pastel drawing.

    Then if this social distancing has to keep on going, I will look at walking along the Bay here with my ipad or laptop and suggest that at their own convenience they do too, to somehow work with The Coastal Trail which has markers and the paintings at the exact point of specific Australian landscape painters, and compare some of these to Pierre Bonnard’s landscapes.

    Click to access coastal_trails_art.pdf

    Not sure if we will make it now to his exhibition here in Melbourne in September!

    • liliannemilgrom March 18, 2020 / 5:56 pm

      Great ideas there, Jennie!

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