The gift that keeps on giving

MAGIC Carved plate 3.5
MAGIC Carved plate 3.5″ Lilianne Milgrom

I won’t deny that selling my artwork is rewarding, but the real value I get from having my art out there is knowing that it is appreciated and that I have enhanced people’s lives in some way. In the past two weeks, thanks to unsolicited and unexpected feedback, I have been amply reminded of just how much satisfaction and joy this gives me. Art really is that magical gift that keeps on giving.

It began with a recent trip to my gynecologist’s office.  As my doctor breezed into the exam room to perform my annual checkup she told me that she thought of me every day. This sparked a dreaded moment of anxiety – was she referring to  some ominous test results I was unaware of?

gyno office

I need not have worried. She was referring to a hand made ceramic mug I gave her a year ago when I learned that she had completed her yoga instructor’s course. I had totally forgotten about that mug, aptly decorated with an image of a cross-legged woman meditating. It turns out that she drinks her morning joe out of that cup every day.

A few days later I received an email from a woman in Australia who identified herself as the person who had purchased my small, award-winning portrait Le Parisien about five years ago.

5x5in_acrylic_2013 (2)

She took the time to write the following words and, bless her, it made my week:

Dear Lilianne, Just wanted to touch base and let you know I purchased a tiny painting of yours from the Mortimore Prize in 2010. For such a tiny painting it fills the room. It was a Christmas present to my husband after he expressed it was his favourite painting in the show, it was also a stand out to me, we love it! Just wanted to let you know it came to a good home. 

And then, to top it off, I received another email from another total stranger who had come across my contributing artwork in the Women of the Book project currently on exhibit at the Jerusalem Biennale.

womenofthebook illustration (9)

This gentleman really understood what I was trying to capture with my visual expression of the Torah portion Ki Tavo. He wrote:
Dear Lilianne, It looked like simplicity was a prime virtue of the work until I looked more closely and realized the skill and complexity. It really does convey the sense of a deeply willing offering. What excellent work! Would you mind if I used it as a screensaver, reminding myself to be in that place of acceptance and offering?

It’s been a gratifying couple of weeks in the life of this artist – I have also been commissioned to paint a series of portraits for the AARP and just found out that Dreamtime, the work I featured in my last blog, received an award at the opening in NY.

awardIf you have any comments about art that has touched people’s lives or art that you cherish, that inspires you or beautifies your home or simply makes you feel good, I’d love to hear your story.

5 thoughts on “The gift that keeps on giving

  1. Mitch Becker October 4, 2015 / 7:48 am

    I liked reading that you are receiving much needed attention. All the best to you

    • liliannemilgrom October 4, 2015 / 2:04 pm

      Thanks so much, Mitch! I still have very vivid memories of your large and powerful figurative paintings…

  2. Lamine Hamdad October 4, 2015 / 5:00 pm

    I remember the first time I saw that my art did matter to others. We were going out with a friend and went over to her place to pick up her roommate. As I was waiting for the ladies to get ready, I walked into the room to sit for a while. And here it was, a drawing that I had given her. It was hung at the wall right on top of her bed. Not some one I had dated, not a significant other, but just a friend. And that drawing I didn’t make much of and gave her, had become the center piece in somebody’s place.

    That very same year, I went back home for a visit, Algiers. I talked to a friend on the phone and she mentioned that she hung on to a drawing I had given her. I didn’t even remember which one it was. Later that evening when we met, she did bring it with her. It was a very small one. Maybe 4 by 6 inches. Few graceful lines making the outline of a unicorn.

    That’s when I decided to do more than just put away my drawings in drawers. And decided to share it with the rest of the world 😉

    Thanks for posting this blog, it brings great memories.

    Lamine Hamdad

    Web Design/Development | Database Systems Engineer | Fine Art Drawing & Photography
    (240) 441-1997

  3. Rick Williams October 7, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    I had an exhibit on addiction and mental illness in July-August. All of the installations and mixed media pieces related to individual diseases. Many were moved by art relating to depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, etc. For example, a woman came and said she lost her daughter to a schizophrenic who was acutely psychotic and pushed her daughter into an oncoming subway train in Manhattan in 1999. The result was Kendra’s law, which mandates evaluations in New York State of anyone deemed a danger to himself or others. She told me this while looking at a broken mirror piece entitled “Schizophrenia”; she was softly crying and said that she and her husband works with schizophrenics to help them.

  4. Tobey Davies November 5, 2015 / 3:30 pm

    Dear Lillianne, words can’t express our gratitude for the beautiful portrait you painted of myself and my daughter, Laura, as part of “The Portraits of Care-Family Caregivers Across the United States” exhibit held at the U.S. Capitol – Hart Senate Office Building – on November 4th. We are overjoyed and honored to be the subjects of your work. It truly is a gift, a treasure, one that has already given so much and will keep on giving. Thank you. Tobey and Laura Davies from New Hampshire.

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