Thinking inside the box

The trend to exhibit art in unconventional and unique venues is growing rapidly and has kept pace with the desire by both artists and curators to bring Art out of the conventional box (galleries, museums and institutions) and into the public eye. Art in the Box is a prime example. One of Washington DC’s pioneers in this field – Art Whino –has spearheaded a most creative project to promote art to the large crowds at the Nationals Stadium Fairgrounds.

Ten shipping containers were converted into art spaces by replacing one of the steel walls with glass and running electricity and crude lighting into the boxes. These pop-up ‘galleries’ were placed around the Fairgrounds creating a wall of art spaces which could be seen from the street or entered through the open doors from inside the Fairgrounds. (To see a similar container project in New York click here).

Artist Lilianne Milgrom outside container’s glass wall seen streetside, Washington DC

A Call for Artists was sent out, reaching the ears of microWave project, a talented team of young female curators who in turn asked me to submit installation proposals for Art in the Box. I was delighted when both of my proposals were accepted. See the final installations below and read more about them on the microWave website and watch this short video clip of moi explaining one of my installations.

Basic Needs

(For a deeper understanding of Basic Needs please click here.)

See Spot Run (Memory in Yellow)

(For a deeper understanding of See Spot Run please click here.)

Installing the works was extremely taxing physically – the temperature inside these steel boxes must have reached 115 degrees! I couldn’t have done it without a team of trusty volunteers, and even so it took about three days to set up. My son Anton found himself in quite a compromising situation during the installation of ‘Basic Needs’….!!!

Art in the Box  containers can be viewed through the end of October 2012 at the Fairgrounds at M and Half Streets in Washington DC. Official reception scheduled for September 6, 2012 6-8pm.

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