What’s nu??

It’s been a very busy few months. My main focus of attention has been directed towards trying to consolidate my Parisian journey into a body of work which can capture and express both the personal and artistic experiences. Easier said than done, but I am fleshing out an exhibition proposal which I hope to finalize during my upcoming month’s stay in Paris. I will also be talking with Paris-based jazz poet/performer Moe Saeger who has proposed collaborating on an installation…could be interesting!

On the home front, I will be exhibiting my new miniature ceramic sculptures, which have been aptly described as ‘sculptural collages’. The exhibition opens on August 31st at the NVJCC Gallery in Fairfax, VA. The sculptures all began with a woman’s head as a foundation, building up from there – it is not too difficult to jump metaphorically to the burdens, joys and dreams one carries as a woman.

Also opening in October at the Albany Institute of History and Art will be the travelling museum show The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories which will include my multi-media piece If The Shoe Fits…Buy It.

And finally, I have continued to write for Bonjour Paris as an art contributor. My latest article Good Things Come in Small Packages is my tenth article (!) and I am confident that my upcoming return to Paris will provide interesting fresh material.


One thought on “What’s nu??

  1. Annette Martin January 6, 2011 / 7:50 pm

    Ruth wrote to me about your ceramic exhibition at the NVJCC and i am happy that I got to see them on the net. Best of all is having two of your paintings and several pieces of ceramics here at my home in Israel. Hope you come to visit soon. Love, Annette

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