When art and philosophy meet…

Following two pretty intense years of back-to-back exhibitions, it is both exhilarating and scary to have unlimited time to simply create. I have folders full of ideas, so many in fact that my life will run out far sooner than the ideas will! I have been working on some small-scale ceramic sculptures but the painting studio has really been calling to me. So I decided to take up a very small canvas (always a good way to break the ice) and I began painting a beautiful skyscape of majestic, glorious clouds backlit by the sun. I could not get away from the thought that such scenes have always inspired Man to seek spiritual answers to explain the meaning of our world and our purpose in it. Yet as I read the daily news barrage of violence and death I am often so distraught that I lose all faith in mankind and the very notion of the existence of a “higher power” and that is how the diptych Vacancy came about…


I'd love to hear your comments!!

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