Artwork arrives in Boston in one piece!!

It is a strange sensation when you are packing up your car with what amounts to nine months of work, and the actual product barely fills up your trunk! That’s what happened when all the various elements of my work for the Fuller Craft Museum were ready to be driven to Brockton, MA. My husband and I shared the driving and made some stops with family along the way. It was a relief to hand the work over to the very professional staff and now kick back and wait for the opening.  I believe my installation is the only one to include a video work. The Museum proved to be a wonderful surprise – the setting was beautiful, and the windows of the museum looked out onto a large lake, and wooded grounds.

Me at entrance of Fuller Museum
Me at entrance of Fuller Museum









The quality of the work was first class – I recognized many many famous names as I toured around the amazing exhibitions. I feel really proud to be showing at this museum. Here are two images – embroidery and beading on the left, and ceramics on the right.IMG_2956

            Copy of IMG_2934

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