48 Hour Film Project

This weekend was simply awesome! I was on one of the 48 Hour Film Project teams. Our team leader was Ishu Krishna and the entire cast and crew did an amazing  job. The writing team (myself included) started off with a marathon Friday night of coming up with a script for our assigned genre – thriller/suspense. By 2 am our ideas got pretty ridiculous. Check out JW’s youtube videos of the night. The next day was a full day of shooting at different locations including at the Left Bank Cafe in DC.

Setting up for the cafe scene
Setting up for the cafe scene

Our film entitled Open Bar will be screened on May 6 in Silver Spring at the 9:30 showing. Hope you can join us and vote for our film. I haven’t seen the edited film and am as curious as the rest of you….!

AddendumMay 28 : Check the movie out online on vimeo.

One thought on “48 Hour Film Project

  1. Ruth Jacoby May 24, 2009 / 4:17 am

    My G-d, Lil, so many wonderful things you are doing…I amd so impressed and proud …it’s fantastic!!

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