Sketchbook exhibition at MOCA

On March 3 I attended the exhibition opening of the Sketchbook Project at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Georgetown, Washington DC. This  unique traveling show was mastermindedmy bookmoca opening by the guys at Art House in Atlanta. My sketchbook ‘2 Days in New York City’ was part of the exhibition (see image) and it took me a while to find it among the hundreds of wonderful artist books. I sketched the book while visiting my daughter Bianca who lives in NY. The show will be be visiting Chicago, NYC, Atlanta, Boston and Philadelphia to name a few venues. It was a fun night.

One thought on “Sketchbook exhibition at MOCA

  1. Bianca March 20, 2009 / 12:16 pm

    After years of begging you to draw me I finally made it into one of your pieces!!! I can’t believe I missed the opening to see my only chance in the spotlight! Congratulations on making it into the exhibition.

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